Iceland, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen - Arctic Islands Discovery (Itinerary 2)

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This voyage takes you to a rich variety of Atlantic islands. Iceland is the perfect destination for explorers searching for the unexpected, while volcanic Jan Mayen rises from the mid-Atlantic ridge, snow-capped and surrounded by oceans full of life, and Svalbard is home to the King of the Arctic: the polar bear. Join us to experience powerful nature, adventure and history.
12 days

Discover the raw and magical beauty of remote Atlantic islands on this journey to the far north. 

Mythical Iceland is the land of ice and fire, of classic sagas with long arctic winters and summers lit by the midnight sun. This is a haunting landscape of vast expanses of unspoilt nature surrounding small, modern communities.  

Unspoiled and Geologically Active 

Icelandic nature offers stunning landscapes with waterfalls amongst Europe's most powerful and awe-inspiring. Iceland is located at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a position that means that the landscape is highly active geologically, with many erupting volcanoes and geysers. Experience a variety of islands, towns and settlements, spectacular views and interesting sites, accompanied by our knowledgeable Expedition Team. 

Remote Beauty - Cruising to Jan Mayen

Discover the unique settlement of Jan Mayen, with a population of just 14 persons.  This volcanic island in the middle of the north Atlantic is rarely visited by ships.  We should get a fine view of Beerenburg volcano stretching 7,470 feet above sea level. 

Realm of the Polar Bear  - Svalbard

Located just 600 miles from the north pole, Svalbard is an island of deep fjords, mighty glaciers and pure wilderness.  In the summer, beautiful colors and contrasts frame dramatic glaciers, mountains, bird cliffs and endless arctic tundra with diverse flora and fauna, dominated by the mighty polar bear. Join us as we set sail for North West Spitsbergen National Park on Svalbard's largest island, Spitsbergen.

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This is an expedition where the weather and wind will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.
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  1. Arriving in Iceland - Reykjavik, Iceland

    Many visitors find landing at Keflavik airport enchanting. The hub seems carved out of an arctic desert, with lava stones covered in moss and haunting mountains nearby. But just 45 minutes away, Reykjavik is a charming and vibrant modern city, offering top restaurants, interesting museums and quaint narrow streets. 

    Arriving in Iceland  - Reykjavik, Iceland
  2. Welcome to the "Sagaland" - Stykkishólmur and Flatey

    West Iceland is often referred to as the “Sagaland”. Experience Stykkishólmur’s storybook landscape of lava and rock formations, glaciers, volcanic activity and hot and cold springs.  

    Explore the town of Stykkisholmur on your own or join our optional excursions to explore more of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which is said to be a miniature version of Iceland. In addition to the Snæfellsjökull glacier, there are black sandy beaches, bird cliffs, spectacular mountains and volcanic craters. 

    On the charming island of Flatey, time appears to stand still. Take a stroll around the scenic lanes of this tiny village. 

    Welcome to the
  3. Secret Scenery - Patreksfjördur

    Patreksfjördur is a charming settlement on the west coast of Iceland with around 660 inhabitants. The picturesque fjord offers scenic hiking trails if conditions allow. Patreksfjördur is also close to the spectacular waterfall of Dynjandi and to Látrabjarg, a renowned site for birdwatching.

    Secret Scenery - Patreksfjördur
  4. Wonderful Westfjords - Ísafjörður

    Flanked by towering mountains on all sides, Ísafjörður is a nearly perfect natural harbor. Take a walk to see the local architecture, browse for local handicrafts and come across the oldest houses in Iceland, including the structure that houses the Maritime Museum. With our wide range of optional excursions, you can choose to follow in the footsteps of trolls or enjoy the beautiful scenery from horseback.  

    Wonderful Westfjords - Ísafjörður
  5. Remote Ruins and Natural Beauty - Djupavik

    In 1917, Elías Stefánsson settled down in Djupavik and built a herring salting factory. Today, you can still see the remains of the factory as well as seven houses and a hotel here. We will explore the landing site, and the beautiful natural scenery surrounding it.

    Remote Ruins and Natural Beauty - Djupavik
  6. A Relaxing Day at Sea - At Sea

    Enjoy a relaxing day at sea with on board lectures while we set course towards Jan Mayen. Our Expedition Team will hold talks and workshops to share their knowledge and experience to enhance the next days of our journey. 

    A Relaxing Day at Sea - At Sea
  7. A Rarely-Visited Outpost - Jan Mayen Island

    The Norwegian island of Jan Mayen is one of the most isolated places in the world. Located where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, the island is dominated by Beerenberg, the northernmost active volcano on earth. Dutch whalers operated from Jan Mayen in the 16th century, but today only a Norwegian weather station accommodates a few brave individuals throughout the year. Visits to Jan Mayen are extremely rare, especially from tourists. As one of the few vessels operating in this area, MS Spitsbergen and her crew will attempt to make a landing on this most exotic Arctic island. 

    A Rarely-Visited Outpost  - Jan Mayen Island
  8. Watching the World Go By - At Sea

    Time to relax with a refreshing drink, take an invigorating stroll or deck or enjoy the company of fellow adventurers. Days at sea are yours to fill! 

    There might also be a chance to look behind the scenes and take part in our Guest Expedition Staff program. 

    Watching the World Go By  - At Sea
  9. Large Fjords with Fascinating History - North West Spitsbergen National Park

    The North West Corner is scattered with islands, fjords and beaches. The ocean here is full of drifting ice and the frozen landscape changes constantly. Due to strong winds and currents, the Captain monitors conditions closely before deciding where we can land or sail. This is why all our itineraries are flexible; we work with the elements, not against them, and safety is our first priority.  

    If we are able to land, this area is excellent for exploring Svalbard’s history. You will have the chance to see the remnants of antique blubber ovens used to render whale oil. We might visit Kongsfjord, considered one of the most beautiful fjord areas in Spitsbergen, with mighty glaciers calving icebergs into the sea, framed by stunning mountain formations. On the shore of Kongfjord is the former mining settlement of Ny-Ålesund, now an international centre for research, with a picturesque mix of old and new buildings 

    Liefdefjord is the location of the enormous Monaco Glacier.  There is a chance for small boat cruising here, or possibly a landing and a hike. 

    In Magdalenefjorden, a gently sloping sandy beach may give us the chance to go swimming and earn an Arctic swimming certificate! And, if conditions are calm, we may launch our kayaks for a paddle. 

    Large Fjords with Fascinating History - North West Spitsbergen National Park
  10. End of the Expedition - Longyearbyen/Oslo

    Every great explorer's voyage comes to an end. You will probably sense that time has passed faster than expected. Many guests report a subtle exhilaration in the afterglow of a journey to the very top of the globe, coming just a few hundred miles from the Geographical North Pole. The transfer vehicle takes you early in the morning to the airport for your flight back to Oslo. 

    End of the Expedition  - Longyearbyen/Oslo

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